The StormSeekers

Guild Charter

About Us
The Stormseekers is one of the Oldest Guilds in World of Warcraft on the Argent Dawn Server. It was started by a group of Real Life Friends that wanted to re-unite and enjoy the world of Azeroth. We are comprised of mature members who enjoy online gaming. To be a Stormseeker means to Seek out the Storms of life and game, to conquer them, and to gain strength & understanding, and make Friends along the way.

Guild Goals
The Essence of the Stormseekers is to Encourage, Assist and Unify it''s members into a cohesive group. The Stormseekers want to create bounds that extend outside of the game of WoW, and give it''s members a sense of being part of something more then just a game. The Stormseekers Promote Good Teamwork. Stewardship, Courtesy and Fairplay. Any member not promoting such ideals will be given a chance to improve himself, before being asked to leave the guild. We understand that real life comes before gaming, and no pressure will be put on members to advance. No member shall be punished for inactivity or pushed to do things they do not enjoy.

Member Conduct
Members are expected to treat other players with respect and courtesy at all times. Griefing of any player, even Horde, is strictly forbidden. Harassment of any kind (Chat, Verbal, Forum, whatever) will not be tolerated. Members are asked to inform Officers of any problems or issues that arise with another player (guild or other). There will be no required in game meetings. Events are planned through the guild forums, therefore forum participation is highly encouraged.

Roleplaying & Guild Chat
Guild and Party chat are not kept in-character. Roleplaying is encouraged, but not enforced or mandated. The guild chat should be kept to game related topics. This includes lag, server downtimes, quests, etc. We try to keep Guild Chat Light and Casual. Feel free to discuss you wonderful day or your childs latest achivement, but remember.. all things in moderation. Please refrain from political topics and Never discuss topics that could be overly offensive to other members. Also, Excessive Loot Linking is Frowned upon, as are Braggarts and Drama Queens. Please use capitalization and complete sentences in chat. Leet and excessive IM speak will not be tolerated.

We are always seeking quality members. There is a Formal Application and introductory period (30 days). If you are interested in joining The Stormseekers, post a message in our Recruitment Forum, and/or send a tell to one of our Officers in game. Tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to join. Also Please read our Guild Policy.

StormLords decide guild policies and control admission to our ranks. Additionally, other officers share the responsibilities of Leading, Managing, and Controlling the guild.

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